Our Soft-Touch wash uses superior technology by PDQ Vehicle Wash Systems providing full-body detergent coverage through high-pressure water and simplified soft brushes that provide consistent cleaning with minimal contact. On average, our Soft-Touch system touches your vehicle up to 70% less and provides a more effective clean than usual five brush car wash systems on the market.


Our basic level of cleaning using Blue Coral* includes:

  • Soft Touch Wash
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • Clear Coat
  • Quick Dry


Take it up a notch with our Kidde Car wash. Includes all services in our basic cleaning plus:

  • Turbo Undercarriage Wash
  • Triple Foam (for a more thorough clean)
  • Flash Dry

ARCADE – $14

Feeling lucky, pay a few bucks more and get our premium Arcade wash, includes all services above and:

  • Rain X* (a complete surface protectant)
  • Wheel Cleaner


Want that amazing look? Our top-level clean will leave your car looking as shiny as the day it drove off the lot. Includes all services in the soft-touch arsenal but ads:

  • Armorall Extreme Shine Wax*(with Carnauba)


Blue Coral – is a combination of soaps that fight spots and streaks for clean finish on paint, metal, chrome, and glass and is good for the environment

Rain-x – is designed to work on multiple vehicle surfaces, delivers increased shine, water repellency and more durable protection, resulting in a cleaner shinier vehicle than ever before, even after rainstorms.


Armorall Extreme Shine Wax with Carnauba – protects your investment and produces a shine that your friends will envy.