Touch Free


Our Touch-Free wash is an innovative system that washes your car without any brushes. Designed by PDQ Vehicle Wash Systems, this wash is completely touchless, providing outstanding wash results unsurpassed by any other touch-free wash in the auto industry.



Our basic level of touch-free cleaning includes:

  • Touch-Free Wash
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • Clear Coat
  • Laser Dryer


We call it Midway but there’s nothing “mid” about it. Our Midway wash includes all services in our basic touch-free clean plus:

  • Turbo Undercarriage Wash
  • Blue Coral* Triple Foam (for a more thorough clean)


Clean your car and make it last with our Blue Ribbon touch-free wash. Includes all services above, and:

  • Rain X* (a complete surface protectant)


We don’t call it the Grand Champion wash for nothing. This wash will leave your car looking as new as the day you bought it. Includes all touch-free services but ads:

  • Armorall Extreme Shine Wax*(with Carnauba)


Blue Coral – is a combination of soaps that fight spots and streaks for clean finish on paint, metal, chrome, and glass and is good for the environment

Rain-x – is designed to work on multiple vehicle surfaces, delivers increased shine, water repellency and more durable protection, resulting in a cleaner shinier vehicle than ever before, even after rainstorms.


Armorall Extreme Shine Wax with Carnauba – protects your investment and produces a shine that your friends will envy.